Kriya Yoga Institute - Homestead, FL - Fall Retreat & Foundation Day Seminar

Homestead, FL
Sep-16 to Sep-22, 2019

Kriya Yoga Institute

Fall Retreat & Foundation Day Seminar

Knowledge as the Means of Liberation

We invite you to join us in a seven-day 'Fall Retreat & Foundation Day Seminar' at the Mother Center, Homestead, FL. The theme of this retreat is 'Knowledge as the Means of Liberation'. Apart from the guided meditations and classes, this retreat includes a special puja, garden tour, and celebration on the Foundation Day, September 22. Come, enrich your spiritual experience, have deeper understanding of that supreme knowledge which makes you free, and know how Kriya Yoga helps in revealing this supreme knowledge to you. 

Acharyas: Yogacharya Amit Chatterjee, Yogacharya Bhadrayu Pandya, Yogacharya Durga Chunduri, Yogacharya David Strassner, Swami Atmavidyananda Giri, Swami Avyaktananda Giri, Swami Chidrupananda Giri, Swami Gurupriyananda Giri, Swami Matrukrupananda Giri, Swami Prabuddhananda Giri, Swami Gurusharanananda Giri, Swami Vairagyananda Giri, Swami Purnatmananda Giri, Swami Sahajananda Giri

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Kriya Yoga Institute 305-247-1960

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