Yogacharya Sudeep Bharati

Sudeep and his wife Seema both were initiated by Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji in Feb 2007 in Hyderabad, India. This was a hugely transformative event in many ways for both, and since then they have been sincerely following the path of Kriya Yoga and serving Shri Guruji. Currently, they live near Seattle, WA, USA along with Sudeep’s mother who is also initiated in Kriya Yoga. They have two adult children both working in the Seattle area.

After completing his bachelor's and master's studies, Sudeep worked in the software industry in various senior positions both in the USA as well as in India. He also taught Computer Science at a local high school as well as at the University of Washington for a few years. From 2018 onwards, he fully dedicated himself to serving Shri Guruji in whatever capacity he was asked. He helps manage Institute’s West coast Ashram in the Seattle area in various ways and manages the websites of the organization with their development and support work.

Shri Guruji instructed Sudeep to start guiding meditation in 2019 and start initiating sincere seekers in 2022. Sudeep feels immensely blessed to have Shri Guruji as his Guru with his endless love and for the practical teachings of Kriya Yoga. He is committed to serving Shri Guruji and the organization in the humblest way possible.

Nadchodzące wydarzenia na świecie
Oct 06 - Oct 08 2023
Initiation Program Initiation Program - Kriya Dhyana Mandir - Temple of Meditation
Nov 04 - Nov 05 2023
2nd Kriya (part 1 & 2) Initiation Initiation Program - Kriya Dhyana Mandir - Temple of Meditation
Nov 17 - Nov 19 2023
Initiation Program Initiation Program - Vancouver, BC, Canada