Responding to Natural Calamities

The Kriya organizations worldwide are ready and able to provide relief and emergency supplies at the time of natural calamities or other emergency situations. Prajnana Mission assists the victims of disasters in India and surrounding areas with its utmost capacity. The organizations in the West provide support whenever possible.


During the time of the 1999 cyclone in the state of Orissa, the ashrams in Jagatpur and Balighai provided medical care and medicine to almost 10,000 people as well as emergency supplies and food and shelter to the many homeless people. Financial support and essential supplies were received from Kriya organizations worldwide.


To alleviate people’s suffering and to provide shelter to those who lost their homes during the super cyclone in 1999, the drought and famine in 2000, and the severe flood in 2001, Prajnana Mission constructed twenty permanent houses in targeted areas of the Kendrapara district, Orissa. In the villages of Manikpatna and Tanupar the flooding caused severe damage. It was nearly impossible to reach these remote villages by car and so the construction material had to be brought by the traditional method of baskets loaded on the head. Twelve solid, reinforced concrete cement houses were constructed in Manikapatna to accommodate twelve families and eight houses were built in Tanupur for eight families, at a total cost of US$26,667 [Rs 12, 000, 00/-].

Responding to the devastating floods in 2001 and 2003, Prajnana Mission extended its hand by supplying immediate flood relief material to the most affected areas of Puri and Kendrapara districts of Orissa. Volunteers of Prajnana Mission, along with the full-hearted support of local people, were able to implement the relief operation in low lying flood-affected areas. The drastically devastated villages were first identified. Then, with cooperation from representative of local self government and experienced local heads, Prajnana Mission was able to serve the hungry and helpless people.

In 2003 and 2004, one hundred blankets were distributed among the poor in the village of Oriya Basti, a fishermen’s hamlet near the city of Puri, at a cost of US$444 [Rs 20,000] and US$555 [Rs25,000] respectively.

During the September 2003 flood in the district of Kendrapara, Prajnana Mission started flood relief aid and distributed food and medicine to the flood victims in many of the hamlets and villages. A dedicated team of 10 people led by Swami Arupananda Giri plus local volunteers headed out by boat on 5th September to reach isolated villages. The operation covered 4 full days starting from early morning until sunset and the team distributed 99 bags of flattened rice (50 kilo per bag), 34 packs of molasses and 19 cartons of biscuits to inhabitants of over 16 different villages. By the end of the fourth day other relief agencies were working in the area but still there was a shortage of cow feed and medicines. In response, relief centers were also set up to provide general medicine for cough and colds, dysentery and other preventative medicines. Total cost of this very successful operation was US$6,667 [Rs 3,000.00/-].

In September 2008, incessant rains caused the swelling water of the mighty Mahanadi River and its tributaries to overflow its banks. Vast areas of Orissa were engulfed, claiming at least 29 lives and affecting about four million people in 18 of the state's 30 districts. Of these, more than 500,000 people have been displaced from their villages. The Prajnana Mission organized relief efforts and raised funds to help the victims.


In the West, hurricane relief activities were organized in 2004 in Florida, USA, and much needed supplies, food, water, and financial aid were provided to people who were greatly affected.

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

In 2004, the massive earthquake in India and other Asian countries, followed by the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, devastated many of the coastal areas in India. In response to this catastrophic natural disaster, Prajnana Mission donated US$5,000 [2.25 lakhs] of rupees to Orissa’s Chief Minister’s Relief funds on December 30, 2004. It also gave US$1644 [74,000] rupees to the Servants of the People Society, Orissa Branch, Cuttack on March 27, 2005.