Yogacharya Vishaal Kishore

Vishaal was born in England and grew up in the UK, US, and Australia.  His life changed in the most beautiful way when he was initiated into the sacred path of Kriya Yoga – and met his beloved Guruji Paramahamsa Prajnanananda – in 2006, while he was a graduate student at Harvard University.

Since then, Vishaal has had the immeasurable blessing of receiving the love, teachings, and care of Shri Guruji, as well as many great teachers, monks, and disciples of our Kriya Yoga lineage – in the US, India and Australia/New Zealand.

Now living in Melbourne, Australia with his wonderful wife Samanatha, Vishaal is Secretary of the Australia Kriya Yoga Association’s national committee.  Originally trained in law, economics, and politics, he is a Professor of Innovation & Public Policy; has served as a Deputy Secretary in the Victorian public service; and has helped to create several organizations that promote health and wellbeing-related innovation.

At the direction and with the blessing of Shri Guruji, Vishaal began guiding meditation in 2020 and initiating sincere seekers into the path of Kriya Yoga in 2022.

With a devotional disposition, Vishaal seeks to share the love he has received from his Master with those who wish to tread the path of spirituality – for, in truth, everything is made possible through the love of the Guru.