Rajarshi Peterananda

Peter van Breukelen, a.k.a. by students as Rajarshi Peterananda, Yogacharya Peter van Breukelen lives in Sterksel, The Netherlands with his wife Silvia, and children Dana, Maria, and Teresa. He has dedicated his life to teaching yoga and maintains their home and property as an ashram dedicated to Baba Hariharananda.

Peter met Paramahamsa Hariharananda and took initiation at the Karar Ashram in Puri in 1974. He travels, teaching Kriya throughout Europe, India, and the USA. He has been the director of the Kriya Yoga Center, in Sterksel, since 1993, and a board member of Kriya Yoga Center, in Tattendorf, since 1998. He is also currently the spiritual head of the Kriya Yoga Organization in Europe.

Upcoming Events
Sep-25 to Sep-27, 2020: Sterksel, Holland - lang. English ( Initiation Program)
Oct-02 to Oct-04, 2020: London, United Kingdom -CANCELLED ( Initiation Program)
Oct-09 to Oct-11, 2020: Sterksel, Holland - 2nd Kriya, lang.English ( Intensive)
Oct-12 to Oct-18, 2020: Sterksel, Holland - SEVA DAYS ( Seva Days)
Nov-04 to Nov-08, 2020: Frankfurt, Germany - INTERNATIONAL RETREAT - Lang. Engl. Lectures on Yoganandaji and his Autobiography of a Yogi ( Special Event)
Nov-13 to Nov-15, 2020: Sterksel, Netherlands - lang. Dutch ( Initiation Program)
Nov-27 to Nov-29, 2020: Munich, Germany ( Initiation Program)
Dec-24 to Jan-01, 2021: Sterksel, Netherlands - lang. Engl. ( Retreat)
May-28 to Jun-04, 2021: 1st and Higher Kriya Retreat, Tattendorf, Austria
Topic: Paramahamsa Yogananda - The great Yoga Pioneer ( Special Event)

Aug-21 to Aug-22, 2021: London, United Kingdom ( Initiation Program)
Aug-23 to Aug-25, 2021: London, UK - Retreat ( Special Event)
Aug-27 to Aug-31, 2021: Sterksel, Netherlands ( Retreat)
Sep-03 to Sep-10, 2021: Tattendorf, Austria - Ashram Foundation Program ( Special Event)