Swami Mangalananda Giri

Born in Germany, Swami Mangalananda grew up near Stuttgart. In 1992, she received Kriya initiation from Rajarshi Peterananda, and then met her master Paramahamsa Hariharananda in 1994. From this time onward, she stayed with Paramahamsa Hariharananda in various ashrams, and also traveled with him throughout Europe.

After studying philosophy for some years Swamiji began studying medicine in Germany at Tubingen University. However, she chose to continue her medical degree at the University of Vienna, enabling her to complete her studies while simultaneously serving and living with her master. She received her MD in July, 2000.

Shortly after the completion of her studies, in September, 2000, she was ordained as a monk in the Giri monastic order and given the name Swami Mangalananda, which means bliss of auspiciousness. Swami Mangalananda is the first female monk in the lineage of Paramahamsa Hariharananda. She conducts Kriya Yoga programs in the Tattendorf ashram in Austria and throughout Europe.

Upcoming Events
Apr-03 to Apr-05, 2020: Tattendorf (b. Wien), Austria - NEW DATE: 24-26th April - if possible
( Initiation Program)

Apr-17 to Apr-23, 2020: Lanckarona (near Krakow), Poland - RETREAT - CANCELLED!!!
( Retreat)

Apr-24 to Apr-26, 2020: Braga, Portugal - CANCELLED! ( Initiation Program)
Apr-27 to Apr-30, 2020: Tattendorf (b. Wien), Austria - SEVA DAYS ( Seva Days)
May-08 to May-10, 2020: Mallorca, Spain ( Initiation Program)
May-22 to May-24, 2020: Olsztyn, Poland ( Initiation Program)
May-29 to Jun-05, 2020: 1st and Higher Kriya Retreat, Tattendorf, Austria -    
Topic: Paramahamsa Yogananda - The great Yoga Pioneer ( Special Event)

May-30, 2020:

Peace Walk, Vienna

( Special Event)

Jun-13 to Jun-14, 2020: Wien, Austria ( Initiation Program)
Jun-19 to Jun-21, 2020: Athens, Greece ( Initiation Program)
Jun-27 to Jun-28, 2020: Tallow, Ireland ( Initiation Program)
Jun-29 to Jul-04, 2020: Meditation and Hiking Retreat, Ardfert Ireland ( Retreat)
Jul-11 to Jul-16, 2020: SUDETY - Mountains, Poland - Meditation and Hiking Retreat ( Retreat)
Jul-20 to Jul-23, 2020: Tattendorf (b. Wien), Austria  - SEVA DAYS ( Seva Days)
Jul-24 to Jul-26, 2020: Kirchhatten (Oldenburg), Germany ( Initiation Program)
Jul-27 to Jul-31, 2020: Meditation and Hiking Retreat  - Harz, Germany ( Retreat)
Jul-31 to Aug-07, 2020: Meditation and Hiking Retreat, Elm, Switzerland ( Retreat)
Aug-07 to Aug-12, 2020: Retreat Berlin - Wilhelmsaue, Germany ( Retreat)
Aug-20 to Aug-24, 2020: Taraska, Poland - Fundraising Retreat ( Special Event)
Sep-04 to Sep-10, 2020: Tattendorf, Austria - Ashram Foundation Program - Topic: 'The spiritual heritage of Paramahamsa Yogananda' ( Special Event)
Sep-06, 2020: 22nd Ashram Foundation Day, Kriya Yoga Centre - Tattendorf, Austria ( Special Event)
Sep-12 to Sep-13, 2020: Riga, Latvia ( Initiation Program)
Sep-18 to Sep-20, 2020: Kiel, Germany ( Initiation Program)
Oct-09 to Oct-11, 2020: Reykjavik, Iceland ( Initiation Program)
Oct-16 to Oct-18, 2020: Constanta, Romania ( Initiation Program)
Oct-23 to Oct-25, 2020: Stuttgart, Germany ( Initiation Program)
Nov-13 to Nov-15, 2020: Tattendorf, Austria ( Initiation Program)
Nov-20 to Nov-22, 2020: Warsaw, Poland ( Initiation Program)
Dec-04 to Dec-06, 2020: Kirchhatten (Oldenburg), Germany ( Initiation Program)
Dec-11 to Dec-13, 2020: Mainz, Germany ( Initiation Program)
Dec-18 to Dec-20, 2020: Berlin, Germany ( Initiation Program)
Dec-24 to Jan-01, 2021: Tattendorf, Austria - Christmas / New Year Retreat ( Initiation Only)
Feb-26 to Feb-28, 2021: Munich, Germany ( Initiation Program)
May-28 to Jun-04, 2021: Tattendorf, Austria - 1st/2nd Kriya Program ( Retreat)
Sep-03 to Sep-10, 2021: Tattendorf, Austria - Ashram Foundation Program ( Special Event)