Swami Divyaswarupananda Giri

Swami Divyaswarupananda Giri, formerly known as Raghunath Kurnool, was born in Kurnool, (Andhra Pradesh) in 1970. After obtaining a degree in Chemical Engineering, he spent 4 years working in a chemical company in India. From 1999 to 2009, he spent time in the USA, where he graduated in Environmental Engineering and worked as an environmental consultant.

He met Shri Guruji Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji in 2001 and was initiated into Kriya Yoga. In 2009, he quit his job in the USA and went to India, in order  to participate at the Residential Brahmachari Training Course at Hariharananda Gurukulam (Puri). Thereafter, he was allowed by Shri Guruji to join the ashram as a resident.

Since joining as a resident, he was given the opportunity to serve within the administration office and to organise programs at Hariharananda Gurukulam. From the year 2012, he started participating at Kriya Yoga programs whilst assisting senior Swamis and Yogacharyas.

In 2009, Raghunath Kurnool was initiated into brahmacharya with the name Brahmachari Divyananda and, in 2016, by the grace of Shri Guruji, he was initiated into monkhood with the name Swami Divyaswarupananda Giri.

Swami Divyaswarupananda travels extensively in the South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, where he assists in running the Kriya Yoga programs. He has also been traveling in the Middle East, Vietnam, and Singapore and was sent to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and to the Fiji Islands, to give assistance  during programs. He has been authorized in March 2022 to give initiation into Kriya Yoga.

When he is not traveling, Swamiji resides at Hariharananda Gurukulam, helping to run the ashram services and in administrative matters. Swamiji speaks English, Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada.