His Early Years

Paramahamsa Prajnanananda was born as Triloki Dash in the village of Pattamundai in Odisha, India. Raised in a pious and spiritual atmosphere, he began searching for a spiritual mentor in early childhood. He had always been a sincere seeker of truth.

“When he was born a realized person, a monk, came to his house and told that ‘the boy is a spiritual boy and he will be highly qualified. His memory will be very sharp and he will read extensively all spiritual authentic books of the world. So you please give him the name “Triloki.”' He said, ‘Triloki means one who will rule the three worlds of every human body. One in causal body—the kingdom of heaven is remaining in every human being, which is A. Number two is astral body—the mortal and immortal frame is remaining within every human body, which is U.And number three—the gross body of every human being is the temple of God, which is M. So in each human body there is A-U-M—that is called OM. In future, Triloki will be highly realized and he will purify all human beings and will teach God-realization, which is remaining in all human beings.’ It is why the monk told that God is conducting the whole body of human beings, the boy also in future will teach how to get God-realization.”

(An introduction to Brahmachari Triloki Dash in Vienna in 1994 by Paramahamsa Hariharananda)