Meeting His Master

1932 was a momentous year. Rabinarayan met Swami Shriyukteshwarji in the Serampore ashram and was initiated into Kriya Yoga. Swami Shriyukteshwarji taught him cosmic astrology and entreated him to move in and take charge of the famous Karar Ashram in Puri, Odisha. In Swami Shriyukteshwarji's gracious company, he crossed the stages of first Kriya. He then received second Kriya from Paramahamsa Yogananda after witnessing Yoganandaji's samadhiduring Yoganandaji's return to India in 1935.

Two years after the mahasamadhi of Swami Shriyukteshwarji in 1938, Rabinarayan stayed in a rented house near the seashore in Puri. Many people reported having seen the physical body of Swami Shriyukteshwarji after his worldly departure. Before Rabinarayan moved to Puri, he instructed a friend to find a house to rent there. His friend later realized that the old monk who directed him to rent a certain house near the sea, where Rabinarayan lived in for some time, was actually Swami Shriyukteshwarji. Later, Swami Shriyukteshwarji instructed Rabinarayan to henceforth live in the Karar Ashram. From that day onward, he lived in the ashram as Brahmachari Rabinarayan, leading an ascetic life, fulfilling the grand wish of Swami Shriyukteshwarji.