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Online Consultation With Yogacharyas

Kriyavans from North and South America can now submit a question and request a one-on-one online consultation with a Yogacharya. This is how it will work:
1. Please fill out this online form submitting your question and a few additional details.
2. Within two weeks, one of the Yogacharyas from the Institute will reach out to you to set up an online consultation.
3. The consultation occurs at the above scheduled date and time using Zoom.

Sanskrit Level-2 (SANS-02) Course

Sanskrit Level 2 Course

Every Monday for 90 minutes (starting from June 15, 2020)

1:00 pm 9:00 am 3:00 pm 6:30 pm
In-depth study of a scripture (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2)

In-depth study of Bhagavad Gita 2nd Chapter with Sanskrit Grammatical Analysis

Every Saturday for 60 minutes (starting June 20, 2020)

3:00 pm 11:00 am 5:00 pm 8:30 pm

Sunday / Weekly Spiritual Discourse

Weekly Spiritual Discourse w/ Meditation

Every Sunday - 45 mins

3:00 pm 11:00 am 5:00 pm 8:30 pm

"Autobiography of a
Yogi" Book Club

Autobiography of a Yogi Book Club Discussions

1st Sunday Monthly - 45 mins

6:00 pm 2:00 pm 8:00 pm 11:30 pm

Classes for Those
Interested in Initiation

Monthly Online Discourses for Those Interested in Iniatiation

One Monday per Month (date to be announced) - 1 hour

12:00 am 8:00 pm 2;00 am 5:30 am

YouTube Live Events

Live-Streamed Events from KYI YouTube Channel

Check the Schedule for Upcoming Events and Recordings of Past Events

Other Spiritual

These discourses will be announced by eMail.
30 mins

11:30 am

7:30 am

1:30 pm

5:00 pm

Sanskrit Course for Beginners (SANS-01)

This course has ended.
You can still view the recordings and study materials online.

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Devotional Singing
& Chanting Class

This course has ended.
The Classes were from April 6 to May 9;

You can still view the recordings online. - 60 mins

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Bhagavad Gita
& Chanting Class

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday - 45 mins
In addition to being accessible through the Zoom Link. These class are also available on our Facebook page. Facebook Link 

These classes have ended, but recordings of past classes are still available to watch.

2:00 pm 10:00 am 4:00 pm 7:30 pm

Gurudev Online
Birthday Program

Recordings from this event are available to watch.

Gurudev's Online Birthday Program...Daily Disourses and Birthday Celebration.

Also Daily Videos of Gurudev will be posted on our Youtube Channel.
Kriya Yoga International Vignettes from Masters

7:00 pm 3:00 pm 9:00 pm 12:30 am

Global Mind Change
Symposium w/ FIU

Global Mind Change Sympsium w/ FIU
September 21st, 2020

You can view the recordings online. - 1 hr 43 mins

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Foundation Day for
Temple of Divine Love

5th Anniversary of the Temple of Divine Love
Foundation Day Sao Paulo, Brasil - October 3, 2020

Talks by Yogacharya John Thomas Lopategui, Yogacharya Suresh Kodolikar, Swami Atmavidyananda Giri, Yogacharya Bhadrayu Panda and others. Also Musical Performances and Darshan by Paramahamsa Prajnanananda

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