KYI Code of Discipline

Code of Discipline at Kriya Yoga Institute, Homestead, FL


There should be modesty and decorum in dress at the hermitage, suited to the meditative atmosphere.  Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended for meditation.  Backs, chests, legs, arms, etc., should be decently covered, even if the weather is warm.   Sleeveless shirts, shorts, transparent, and revealing attire is thoroughly discouraged.

Food (During Program Days):

Visitors and hermitage residents (ashramites) will be provided with simple spiritual vegetarian meals.  Reverent silence should be the norm during group dining.  Food should not be wasted.


Visitors are requested not to bring any valuables to the hermitage.  The Kriya Yoga Institute and its management do not take responsibility for the loss of jewelry or other valuables.

Intoxicants and Drugs:

Using any type of intoxicants and/or drugs at the hermitage is forbidden.  Taking medicines or drugs on a doctor's prescription and using generic over-the-counter medications, herbs, tonics, supplements, etc., are acceptable.

Smoking and chewing tobacco are not allowed at the hermitage premises.


The audio/video recording of meditation classes is not permitted. Only the ashram will record spiritual discourses by monks and yogacharyas.

Questions by Visiting Kriyavans:

Problems or confusion about the meditation should be taken only to the teachers or monks for clarification.  Designated time will be set aside for private interviews if feasible.  Questions may also be asked in the meditation hall during designated times.  These question times are for the purpose of clarifying actual practical problems relating to the technique.  They should not be taken as an opportunity to indulge in intellectual arguments.