Online International Intensive Kriya Yoga Seminar for 2021

Because of the current covid pandemic, the 22nd International Intensive Kriya Yoga Seminar (IIKYS) for 2021 will be held online; and all are invited to participate. This will be a weeklong event beginning this Thursday, January 14th. The first and last day will be broadcast from Hariharananda's Gurukulam in Balighai, India. Each other day will take place in a different ashram around the world. 

This session will be made available both through Zoom and our YouTube Channel. Each day will be a thee-hour session that will consist of welcoming remarks, the lighting of a lamp, chanting and a guided meditation, a discourse, a short tour of the ashram, a second discourse, another guided meditation, and then end with some closing remarks.

To view these live-stream events from our website please click on this link.

They can also be watched via Zoom by clicking this link: zoom link

   * Guided general meditations are only available via the Zoom link.