Mobile Medical and Dental Unit (MMDU)

Prajnana Mission is dedicated to reaching out to people in the community who live in remote areas and are not able to visit one of the health centers.

The Mobile Medical and Dental Unit (MMDU) service was inaugurated in August 2002 and provides medical and dental care to deprived areas of Orissa. The MMDU is a completely self-sufficient, air conditioned vehicle, consisting of two chambers. The first chamber is equipped with a modern dental chair and ancillary setup. The second chamber has a small operating theatre for simple surgery. Cases which require more advanced treatment are referred to a hospital in the neighboring city.

The MMDU operates at health and dental camps in schools and remote villages throughout Orissa. Since February 2004, the MMDU has also been working two days a month at the health center in Jagatpur and once a month at the health center in Balighai. The Unit is served by a dedicated team of paramedics, pharmacists and dental surgeons.

The MMDU operates at full capacity. From February 2004 to July 2006, more than 100 dental camps in villages across Orissa were organized, serving 5,412 people. During that time, 3048 extractions, 53 fillings, and 38 scaling treatments were administered.

The cost of the MMDU vehicle was US$19,177 [8,62,959] and the annual budget for the service in 2006-2007 was approximately US$16,778 [Rs 7,55,000]. The MMDU service has been made possible by the generous financial support of Hand in Hand