Charitable Health Center, Jagatpur, Cuttack

In the poor areas near Cuttack, most people have no means of accessing medical care. The Hariharananda Charitable Health Center is open two days a week, and patients in the surrounding areas receive free medical care, medicine and health advice. The services range from small surgical interventions to acute treatment of infectious diseases as well as long term treatment of conditions such as hypertension. A dedicated team of ten doctors, pharmacists, and paramedical staff volunteer their services to run the health center and provide health care to those who are most vulnerable.

Since the inception of the health center in 1999, more than 80,000 patients have received free medical treatment on an ambulatory basis - an average of 13,642 patients per annum since 2004. Due to a significant increase in the demand for services, an expansion program has been planned. The health center currently has four examination rooms and a pharmacy. Additional expansions will continue to be a requirement in the future.

Annual Numbers of Patients Treated Since 1999

Year Number of Patients
2006 15,129
2005 14,178
2004 12,312
2003 7,542
2002 6,070
2001 5,990
2000 5,800
1999 2,073
Total 69,094