Children are the future of our society. A plant that is nurtured and cared for will grow into a fruit-bearing tree, providing food and shelter to many.

Balashram - How it Began

In 1999, Odisha, an eastern coastal state of India, experienced the worst cyclone ever, which devastated the area. Thousands of people died, and many hamlets were washed away, leaving countless people homeless. This agricultural state’s economy was shattered. According to UNICEF, more than 3.3 million children were affected and approximately 48,000 persons died. The aftermath of the devastation was felt years later, with many of the children orphaned and/or living in severe poverty and deprived of education.

In an effort to provide for the health and education of these children, Prajnana Mission, with the financial support of Hand in Hand, founded Hariharananda Balashram, a home and school for the poor and needy children of Odisha. The goal is to provide them with a solid foundation for the future. The Balashram is spread over twelve acres in the village of Pattamundai and has facilities to provide for the children’s educational, physical, social, and emotional needs. There are science rooms, library, sports rooms, playgrounds, and much more to facilitate their all-round development.