75th Anniversary Celebration of Gurudev's Arrival in Puri

Dear Divine Kriyavans,

The auspicious date of June 12th, 2013 was the 75th Anniversary of when Gurudev arrived in Puri, marking the departure from his worldly life with all its material pleasures, and a jump into the spiritual fire of renunciation. The next 36 years he would grow in spiritual wisdom, attain the highest goal of life, and prepare himself to bring the teachings of Kriya Yoga to the West.

To celebrate this anniversary and what Gurudev has given to each of us through his sacrifice, love, and dedication to serving God, we followed in the footsteps of the Master by contemplating and practicing the disciplines he used to attain God-realization. Each month leading up to the anniversary was dedicated to a different discipline that he exemplified so well during his years in Puri and throughout his life:

Click on any month below to read more about how Gurudev embraced these disciplines and why they are important for those on the spiritual path.

  • January - The Practice of Meditation (Disciplined, consistent, and longer meditations performed with deep desire, love & devotion)
  • February - Silence and Seclusion
  • March - Respect and Humility for all the Religions of the World
  • April - Compassionate Service
  • May - Being in the Presence of Good Company
  • June - Detachment