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European Mother Centre
Pottendorferstrasse 69, 2523 Tattendorf,

Meditation Schedule
Group meditation classes (with CD) are held daily at 11:30 am and 7.00pm Lecture with Paramahamsa Prajnanananda daily at 6:00pm (CD)

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A Decade of Dedicated Service
A journal was published in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the ashram. This journal is available here in both a German Version and an English Version for your enjoyment. The PDF format requires the free Adobe reader, which can be downloaded here.

History and Overview
Gurudev Hariharananda established this beautiful ashram in 1998, in a small wine growers’ village called Tattendorf. Set against the picturesque Alpine mountains thirty kilometers from Vienna, Austria, the ashram is filled with spiritual and charitable activity.

Starting with a rough building and grounds overrun by dogs and weeds, Gurudev transformed everything he touched. The “dog house” became a “God house.” He planted fruit trees and many beautiful, fragrant roses.

During the inauguration ceremony in September, 1998, Gurudev presented this Kriya Yoga center to sincere seekers from all over the world. His desire was that we meditate, live, eat, work, and pray together to complete our course in life. Daily you could hear him say, with his unique motherly love, “God-realization is your birthright.” Gurudev stayed in this ashram for three months, and his presence is still deeply felt.

Today this peaceful, spiritually charged place, serving as the Mother Center for Europe, is also a European residence for Paramahamsa Prajnanananda who conducts highly inspiring Kriya programs, retreats, and discourses. Swami Mangalananda resides at this ashram when she is not traveling. Rajarshi Peterananda, Yogacharya Christine Jacobsen, and other yogacharyas habitually visit the ashram to conduct meditation and discussion.

The Tattendorf ashram has been holding bilingual (English and German) seminars under the guidance of Paramahamsa Prajnanananda every year. These seminars attract a large number of spiritual seekers from all over Eastern and Western Europe, as well as from other parts of the world.

This center is also a cradle for Hand in Hand, a nonprofit charitable sister organization for humanitarian aid, the practical component of spiritual activity. This organization was founded in 2000 after a devastating cyclone in Orissa, India killed thousands of people and left many more homeless. Many children were without parents. Hand in Hand is currently represented in Europe and the USA, and this community of volunteers is constantly growing. Thanks to the organizational work and fundraising from active and dedicated people and Prajnana Mission, charitable projects and programs have been launched in India. The slogan “one drop can make a difference” is coming true.


Upcoming Events
Jul-05 to Jul-05, 2020: Gurupurnima Celebration, Tattendorf - Austria - TAKES PLACE! ( Special Event)
Jul-17 to Jul-19, 2020: Tattendorf, Austria - TAKES PLACE ! ( Initiation Program)
Jul-20 to Jul-23, 2020: Tattendorf (b. Wien), Austria  - SEVA DAYS - TAKES PLACE! - Waiting List only possible!
( Seva Days)

Aug-10 to Aug-10, 2020:
Birthday Celebration of Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji's 61st Birthday - TAKES PLACE !
( Special Event)

Sep-04 to Sep-10, 2020: Tattendorf, Austria - Ashram Foundation Program - Topic: 'The spiritual heritage of Paramahamsa Yogananda' - TAKES PLACE!
( Special Event)

Sep-06 to Sep-06, 2020: 22nd Ashram Foundation Day, Kriya Yoga Centre - Tattendorf, Austria - TAKES PLACE!
( Special Event)

Sep-07 to Sep-07, 2020: VIC Club Vienna, Public Program ( Special Event)
Nov-13 to Nov-15, 2020: Tattendorf, Austria ( Initiation Program)
Nov-20 to Nov-22, 2020: Internationaler Yoga Kongress 2020, Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg ( Special Event)
Dec-03 to Dec-03, 2020:
Tattendorf, Austria - Paramahamsa Hariharananda's Mahasamadhi Commemoration Service
( Special Event)

Dec-24 to Jan-01, 2021: Tattendorf, Austria - Christmas / New Year Retreat ( Initiation Only)
May-27 to May-27, 2021:

Tattendorf - Austria, Birthday Celebration of Paramahamsa Hariharananda

( Special Event)

May-28 to Jun-04, 2021: 1st and Higher Kriya Retreat, Tattendorf, Austria
Topic: Paramahamsa Yogananda - The great Yoga Pioneer ( Special Event)

Sep-02 to Sep-02, 2021: Copenhagen, Denmark ( Special Event)
Sep-03 to Sep-10, 2021: Tattendorf, Austria - Ashram Foundation Program ( Special Event)
Sep-04 to Sep-04, 2021: Interfaith Conference ( Special Event)

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