Hariharananda Tapovan, India

Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand

Hariharananda Tapovan at Uttarkashi has a panoramic view of the magnificent Himalayas and the sacred Ganga. It is an ideal location for sincere spiritual seekers to practice sadhana in seclusion. At present, Hariharananda Tapovan has a meditation hall, a few small huts for the monks, and a small kitchen. Two small guesthouses are nearby, along the banks of the Ganga.


The ashram is a five- or six-hour drive from Rishikesh through Himalayan valleys. In some places, the road ascends to about 5,600 feet above sea level. The drive is beautiful, with scenic mountain ranges all around, the Ganga flowing along the valleys, and small towns dotting the mountain slopes between fields of yellow mustard flowers.


Hariharananda Tapovan is located about sixteen kilometers north of the village of Uttarkashi. You must cross a bridge over the Ganga, then follow a path along the river to reach the main gate of the ashram. After a short walk the guesthouse and the meditation hall emerge. It is a very serene and quiet place to stay. The ashram provides solitude with the Ganga continuously roaring alongside most of the ashram property.


Breathtaking snow-covered Himalayan peaks rise all around the Tapovan. It is a perfect setting for quiet reflection and contemplation. You can easily lose your sense of day, time, and place. The weather changes suddenly with heavy rain and gusty winds, sometimes for days. The weather turns very cold quite often. Many mornings and afternoons are blessed with sunshine, which quickly warms up the area when the clouds disappear. You can walk along the Ganga below snow-covered peaks in bright sunlight or you can take a dip in the icy-cold waters. You can meditate, study, and contemplate on the banks of the Ganga or in the cottages.

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