Mahalaya Shraddha

Sep 25 - Sep 25, 2022

With the blessings of God and Gurus, we are organizing a Mahalaya Shraddha ceremony at Hariharananda Gurukulam.

Shraddha is an act of expressing deep respect and gratitude to our departed ancestors. It also aids the departed soul in its onward journey. Shraddha performed on Mahalaya Amavasya invokes special blessings to all deceased. If performed in holy places like Shri Jagannatha Puri and in Sadhguru Peetha like Hariharananda Gurukulam (Shri Guru Govinda Go Peetha), it helps the departed soul move toward attaining liberation. This opportunity is available for kriyavans and non-kriyavans.

For details regarding Shraddha, you may please watch the video by Swami Atmavidyananda Giri:
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   English Part1-
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If you have any further queries on Mahalaya Shraddha, please contact:
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   Swami Muktipriyananda Giri
   +91 82490-54738

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   Swami Atmavidyananda Giri +1-786-384-2050

Request Form

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We request a nominal dakshina (fee) to pay for shraaddha materials, dakshina for priests, and feeding Gomatas. The fee is INR 5000 for Indian nationals and USD 150 / EURO 150 or equivalent for people residing outside India.

For people in India

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