Pathmeda Kriya Yoga Retreat

Cuttack, Odisha
Nov-21 to Nov-28, 2019

Prajnana Mission, Jagatpur Ashram

Rajasthan Kriya Yoga Retreat

Eight-day retreat, at the retreat center in Nandgaon, Rajasthan. Further details to be provided.


Directions to the Retreat Center in Nandgaon.

Participants are responsible for transportation to and from the retreat facility.

Fly to Delhi and then either take a flight or train to Ahmedabad.

Options from Ahmedabad to Nandgaon:

         1.  By train from Ahmedabad to Abu Road and then a taxi to Nandgaon.

         2.  Taxi from Ahmedabad to Nandgaon.

         3.  Bus from Ahmedabad to Abu Road and then taxi to Nandgaon.

Downloadable Event Information:

Contact Details

Name Phone Email
Divyaswarupananda +919437343852

Ride and Room Sharing for this Event ...

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