Glossary of Terms

a great devotee of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna and Radha are often pictured together. Radha symbolizes the gross body of every human being and Krishna represents the soul.
king; royal
the royal science of self-control
comes from the word raja ca Rishi ca. Raja means king, and rishi means a person of right vision. Right vision comes from the spiritual force, which remains in the cranium. Through the practice of Kriya Yoga, if you come up near the soul, then you will be a rajarshi, a person of right vision.
one of the three qualities of nature (guna), expressing extreme activity and restlessness; derived from the root raj/ranj, “to be colored” or “to be excited, charmed”
the royal science
demonic personalities; those who hoard out of greed, and for sense pleasure
the seed sound in the third center (ten-petaled lotus), which represents fire
an incarnation (avatara) of Lord Vishnu, like Lord Krishna
scripture narrating the life and activities of Lord Rama
(“essence”) juice; taste; a play
a spiritual celebration in India that occurs on the full moon day in the month of August to celebrate the events in Lord Krishna’s childhood in Vrindavan. Rasa means transformation of the inhabitants of Vrindavan into Krishna, and purnima means the full moon day.
to be engrossed and attached
a chariot
the Car Festival of Jagannath of Puri celebrated in the month of June/July
a murderer and extremely sinful person who, through good company, became highly realized and later became known as Sage Valmiki, the author of the Ramayana.
the ten-headed demon king, symbolizing the ego, as described in the Ramayana.
one of the four Vedas
(“seer”) seer or sage; person of right vision and action
seed of a special tree considered holy and healthy, used in making a rosary
fried and roasted food with butter, oil, or ghee
form; beauty