Glossary of Terms

not; no
the continuous, non-stopping aum or amen sound; manifestation of the Absolute in the form of sound
(“conduit” or “artery”)): pranic channel in the spine; energy channel through which the vital force flows in the subtle body
someone insulting and torturing others
one of the five Pandava brothers; he was the first son of Madri, born mystically through union with the twin gods Ashwins. His power resides in the sexual center.
(“He Who is man’s (nara) abode”): the Lord who is the cause of all life; a name of Lord Vishnu
woman; the female element representing the gross body which unites with the male element (the soul)
freedom from pride, humility
the process of regulating, controlling, and channeling the energy of the nine doors. See also: jyoti mudra
manipura chakra (Arjuna’s abode); the food center
vacuum center; cervical center
composed of na “not” and iti “thus”; neti neti (“not this, not that”) is a Vedantic process of arriving at the ultimate Reality by denying the accuracy of any description of the Real.
(“non-contact”): complete cessation of all activities; the pulseless, breathless stage
instrumental cause
(“without (nir) attributes (guna)”): the formless reality or God, beyond the triple qualities of maya
(“without (nir) conceptualization (vikalpa) ecstasy”): the state of no pulse and no breath, the state of cessation of all activities of the body, mind, thought, intellect, and ego — merged and absorbed in God
the complete destroyer
daily duties of oblation and prayer
(“cessation”): the path of renunciation and detachment; a state of dispassion, which is the cause of liberation
(“restraint”): principles of self-restraint; the second limb of Sage Patañjali’s Ashtanga Yoga system, which includes purity, contentment, austerity, self-study, and surrender to God
serving humankind
(“casting”) renunciation; elimination; metaphorically, watching the power of God in every activity