Glossary of Terms

(“My devotee”): a devotee of God; one who constantly inquires about God and searches for Him
(“Lakshmi’s husband”): one of the name of Vishnu, Krishna
another name for Krishna. Madhu was a demon symbolizing delusion and error, and sudana means “destroyer”; Lord Krishna as the destroyer of delusion
the middle
second wife of King Pandu and mother of Nakula and Sahadeva
(“mighty-armed”): the person who can perceive soul through each action is called maha bahu, the best seeker of God
(“great epic of the Bharatas”): the great Indian epic authored by Sage Vyasa which includes the Bhagavad Gita
(“great elements”): the gross elements
refers to the great Brahma, the prakriti in every human being
('Great Lord'): a name of Lord Shiva
the fourth of the seven upper spheres of existence (loka); corresponds to the emotion (air) center
the supreme time; destiny; a name of Lord Shiva
“great emptiness”, the wisdom stage of nirvikalpa samadhi; one of the five levels of the subtle vacuum located between the ajña (soul center) and sahasrara (fontanel) chakras
(“great seal”): the yogic technique of physical, astral, and causal purification
see Chaitanya
the supreme spirit hiding in each human being
“Great King,” a title of respect
(“great seer”): a person of right vision
the final conscious exit of the soul from the body by a yogi
a great soul
(“great sayings”): the four great pronouncements that make up the essence of the Upanishads: 1) “Wisdom is Brahman (the Absolute God).” 2) “I am Brahman.” 3) “That thou art.” 4) “This soul is Brahman.”
a name of Lord Shiva
(“garland”) a rosary, made of beads stringed together
(“mind”) the faculty of discursive thinking
inner purity of thought and mind, a gentle and divine mood, silence and self- control; silent meditation with the tongue pointing to God
a group; association
a temple
('wheel of the jeweled city'): the lumbar (stomach) center
the name of Sahadeva's conch. Its name refers to the divine sound of the bee heard in meditation at the bottom center.
knowledge; conviction; understanding
to recollect and remember
a holy syllable or prayer; formula of mystic power; derived from man “to think” and tra “instrument”
the father of mankind; the Noah of Indian mythology
sin, evil, malice and all other evil qualities which keep human beings from God- realization
a holy city in India where Lord Krishna was born
(“placing (nyasa) the little mothers (matrikas)”: placing the fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet (matrikas) in the whole body; to experience calm and God perception throughout the whole body
(“she who measures”): the cosmic delusive force
delusion, dejection, and infatuation
liberation; the state of complete soul awareness, emancipation, and samadhi; freedom from the bondage and attachment that arise from delusion
see coccygeal center
a dull state of mind
(“seal”) position of body and hands
(“release”) liberation; freedom
(“wheel of the root (mula) foundation (dhara)”): the coccygeal (money) center
root; base; cause
(“sage”) one who seeks truth; man of meditation