Glossary of Terms

first step of prajna (wisdom); acquisition of spiritual knowledge
the path of knowledge
a classical treatise on the knowledge of the Self
one who closes all the doors of the body, who comes up from the lower centers and sits in the fontanel and offers the whole mind, thought, intellect, ego, body sense, and worldly sense to the fire of knowledge, is practicing jñana yajña; the discussion of scriptural truth by the teacher and the student
the path of reasoning and discrimination; yoga of knowledge
incarnation of wisdom
one who is established in the knowledge of the Self
(“cognitive senses”): the five instruments of perception: eyes, ears, mouth, skin, and nose
someone who is truly willing to know God
perceiving only God; perceiving God in everything at all times and in all places
the universe
a commentary of the Bhagavad Gita by Jagadisha Chandra Ghosh
the Lord of the universe; famous temple of Lord Jagannath, located in Puri, Orissa, India
hail, praise
see Yamuna
the fifth of the seven upper spheres of existence (loka); corresponds to the neck (ether) center
a sage and great king, father of Sita (the wife of Lord Rama)
a name of Lord Krishna. It is derived from jananan and ardana. Jananan means a demonic power that is always in every human being; ardana means to crush or to destroy.
birth or life. Every inhalation brings birth or life.
(“recitation”): chanting and remembering the holy name of God, as in a mantra
mammals born of wombs
derived from jaya, which means to win, and drath, which means to bluff with eloquent words. Jayadratha was an uncultured person. He was always bluffing, and people were convinced by his exaggerations.
victory, success
a suffix attached to a person’s name or title, connoting love and respect Example: Swamiji
a true spiritual seeker who has constant desire for God-realization
to conquer, to win
the individual soul
the principle of the individual self. Jiva means “life” or “alive,” and tattva “thatness”
(“living liberated”): one who is liberated while still abiding in the physical body
the process of regulating, controlling, and channeling the energy of the nine doors
(“light”) illumination; see also: navadwara-ruddha mudra