Glossary of Terms

the elephant-faced deity, the remover of obstacles and incarnation of wisdom. This corresponds to the money (earth) center, which is the coccygeal center.
holy river in India
the 24-syllable Vedic mantra for spiritual evolution and liberation. This holy mantra is taught during upanayanam (sacred thread ceremony to the celibate).
clarified butter
a classical treatise on yoga as taught by Sage Gheranda
the “mountain” line of the Indian Swami order
a householder devotee of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, who was completely transformed from extreme negativity to deepest spirituality
(“song”) usually refers to the Bhagavad Gita, “The song of the Lord”
every thought, word, and action are God-oriented; there are no other thoughts
a state of constant peace, bliss, and joy
consists of two parts: go and raksha. Go means the world, i.e. the body land; raksha means its maintenance. Thus, when the senses and the mind are well regulated and trained, the body is maintained and protected. Another meaning of go is tongue, so goraksha also refers to the control of the tongue that a student of Kriya Yoga practices. Goraksha is also another name of Gorakhnath, the great hatha yogi.
one of the names of Lord Krishna. It is derived from go, vin, and da. Go means The whole world, vin means energy and pleasure, and da means to give to the entire universe. Govinda is the one who gives energy and pleasure to the entire universe.
knot; attachment
(“fire of the householder”): the fire in the sacral (second) center used in household activities
another name of Arjuna; derived from gudaka and Isha. Gudaka means sloth, idleness and sleep, Isha means conqueror. Arjuna is the conqueror of sleep, always wakeful to the presence of Krishna, the soul.
the secret in each human being, hidden in the cranium
(“secret science”): Kriya Yoga, which is taught personally from the teacher to the qualified disciple
(“strand” or “quality”): the three qualities of nature known as: tamas (idleness and sloth), rajas (extreme activity and restlessness), and sattvas (spirituality)
(“transcending the qualities”): beyond the play of the three qualities of nature (gunas)
the triple qualities (gunas) of nature
(“weighty one”), gurudev(a): spiritual preceptor. It is made from two syllables: gu is the invisible soul body, and ru is the luster of the physical body. This luster is due to the indwelling Self inhaling from within. This is guru consciousness. See also hamsa.
an offering as a token of gratitude to the guru/master
an offering as a token of gratitude to the guru/master
grace of the guru-preceptor
the words of the guru/master