Emergency Alert: Floods in Orissa, India


A flood this week in the Indian state of Orissa has directly affected over one million men, women, and children. 60,000 have been evacuated. With ever-increasing flood waters, many more will be left without shelter and food in coming days.

The Prajnana Mission is on the scene, distributing emergency food packages and helping to procure shelter for those hardest hit by the disaster.

Many of the survivors receiving assistance from the Prajnana Mission are refugees from the river front slums and surrounding areas of Cuttack City. Desperately poor, these families had few resources with which to cope.

In response, within the first two days of the crisis, over 1,000 people have been fed, and over 200 temporary homes have been procured by Prajnana Mission volunteers. Many more will receive such assistance as the crisis continues.

Once further needs are assessed, a dedicated team will provide other life-saving services, including emergency medical care. Additional provisions, such as blankets and clothing, will also be provided where needed.

As needs are immediate and urgent, a kind donation of any amount can do much to prevent needless suffering.