Kriya Yoga: A Shortcut Technique for Scientific Meditation - The Benefits of Practicing Kriya Yoga

Conscious realization of our unity with the spirit is the goal of life, and, consciously or unconsciously, every person is trying to advance towards this end. When we realize unity with the universal Self — our own spiritual existence — we become one with the universe.

Cosmic consciousness is spread all over the universe and pervades everything. Human consciousness is limited to the human body and its environment. To attain cosmic consciousness, it is necessary to expand the consciousness that resides in every living cell of the body and brain. Kriya practice clears and stimulates the brain and gives strength. It also greatly magnetizes the body, saturating and feeding all the physical cells with undecaying light, which keeps the cells in a magnetized state.

Spirit is Self-born. Spirit is ever conscious. God’s attention is equally distributed everywhere and fully concentrated everywhere. Human beings made in His image have latent power within them to focus their attention and feel their existence everywhere. By properly following the laws of living and with faithful practice of Kriya Yoga, people can enlarge their consciousness and quickly reach the ocean of cosmic consciousness, or divine spirit.
When it is applied to our inner awareness, the science of Kriya Yoga produces the knowledge that allows us to realize our ever-present unity with God and perceive that all our actions are done only by the power of God. This power activates the whole system and directs all our activities.

Kriya Yoga is a Scientific Technique

By practicing Kriya Yoga, we have direct, divine experience — of divine light, divine sound, and the movement (pendulum) sensation of the living power of God. We become established in God consciousness.

The science of Kriya Yoga is the most precious technique for God-realization. It is very simple, it is easy to perform, and it produces the quickest results. With the help of the scientific technique of Kriya Yoga, aspirants perceive the triple divine qualities of the soul. By concentrating on these divine qualities, they overcome, within a short time, all the obstacles of the deep-rooted mental impressions; as a result, they become established in divine consciousness. Kriya Yoga is a scientific technique. Kriya practice annihilates all the unusual and unreasonable elemental propensities ever-present in the spiritual centers of the human body (chakras). It awakens and restores equilibrium. It enables us to dispel delusion and ignorance and discover the divinity within. The Kriya Yoga process quickens realization of the Formless within the form and frame of the body. It is an independent spiritual discipline, sufficient for achieving the highest good.

Kriya Yoga is not a sectarian discipline, but a universal one, and its methods have been adopted to some extent by all sects and religions. Its chief merit is that it is a scientific spiritual practice, free from all dogmas and presuppositions. It, therefore, does not conflict with any sect or religion. It includes techniques that are entirely scientific, every step being based upon experimental realization.

Like the truths developed through research in the physical sciences, the truths propounded in the scriptures can be recognized and verified by humanity when the practical techniques of Kriya Yoga are sincerely and rigorously adhered to. Concentration and meditation, which are developed through the practice of Kriya Yoga, provide the means to realize these truths.
Kriya Yoga is a very effective shortcut technique to God-realization. It is the easiest and surest highway to the divine kingdom — the grand road to God-realization. Using the divine power received from Kriya Yoga, we can transcend human consciousness and reach the kingdom of God at rocket speed.

Kriya Yoga is a Very Effective Shortcut Technique

The word “kriya” signifies the unity of work and worship, meaning that we strive to live our lives as directed from within, by perceiving the soul’s guidance, directing our brains to proper activities. Without the soul, the brain cannot function. Without the soul, we would not have any thoughts or moods, and our bodies would be dead flesh. So it is necessary to remember that each and every thought comes from the invisible body, the soul within. When we perceive that the indwelling Self is the sole doer in us, that He activates and functions within our whole body system, then God-realization is attained.

Kriya Yoga simultaneously develops body, mind, intellect, and soul. Kriya Yoga is the essence and synthesis of all yogic techniques taught in the world; however, the meticulous austerities and painful processes associated with many traditional yogas are totally absent in the Kriya Yoga technique. The scientific technique of Kriya Yoga as taught by Paramahamsa Hariharananda and his authorized yogacharyas is the authentic Kriya Yoga of Babaji Maharaj and Lahiri Mahasaya. It is very easy and acceptable and is suitable for householders.

The simple and easy breath control prescribed in Kriya Yoga restores lost equilibrium. The pure oxygen inhaled and utilized during this process purifies the inner mechanism of the body, activates the limbs, and increases the appetite. It develops strength and youth in the body, and increases the memory, patience, and brilliance of the mind. It purifies the body, mind, intellect, and life simultaneously. No dietary restrictions are needed for this process. Sincere practice of Kriya enables us to experience the movement sensation, sound vibration, and light flash of divinity inside our bodies and helps us elevate the mind into supra-mental consciousness. Kriya Yoga is a very simple yoga, and it is the highway of all religions. It gives mathematical results. Kriya Yoga is an easy, simple, and sure practice. It is the quickest means of attaining spiritual success.

This technique can be practiced without any restriction of religion, race, creed, or gender. Any boy or girl above thirteen years of age can practice Kriya Yoga; even an elderly person of seventy-five years or more can derive a good deal of benefit from it. Kriya Yoga enables practitioners to develop healthy brains, keen minds, and prompt understanding.

Kriya Yoga is the quickest means of success. The Kriya Yoga technique is unique because it effects simultaneous development of body, mind, and soul in the shortest possible time. It is an easy, but vitalizing, process. It is a spiritual omnibus with room enough for persons of all tastes and cultures. It is a living, progressive, spiritual path whose adaptability is the sign of its vitality, not only for individuals, but also for the whole human race.