Camps per la vaccinazione delle mucche

Cows are revered in traditional Hinduism. In addition, a healthy cow can produce milk for a whole family, as well as yoghurt, cheese, buttermilk, and butter. Some villagers sell milk, and it provides a source of income for them. Villagers also use manure to grow vegetables, and to produce bio-gas fuel for use in cooking, which reduces the environmental impact on local forest areas. Cows are an invaluable asset for people, especially in villages where people struggle to maintain a livelihood.

Vaccinations are required to prevent 2 prevalent diseases in cows, namely haemorrhgic septicaemic and blackquarter.

A cow vaccination camp was organized in 2004 in the Bhisindipur district of Bengal. Each vaccination costs US$0.05 and the total cost was US$75 for vaccinating 1,352 cows. A second vaccination camp was organized in January 2005 for foot and mouth disease. 669 cows were vaccinated at a cost of US$0.21per vaccination, a total of US$140.