We want to announce to you a very special opportunity to participate in a live stream concert with Shanti Omkara to benefit the Hand in Hand International charitable organization. This virtual event will take place on Saturday, January 2, at 4:30 pm (CET), 10:30 am (EST), or 9:00 pm (IST).

This live event will feature Shanti Omkara, who are a musical couple (Kusum and Raghav), from Germany, whose music consists of mantras, bhajans and English songs. Their concerts have the potential to gently guide a listener into higher dimensions of relaxation, meditation, and healing.

This event will be available on Saturday, both via zoom by clicking this link or through the following Youtube page.

You can find additional information about Saturday's lives stream and entertaining event by clicking the following link the the program flyer:

Hand in Hand Charity Concert with Shanti Omkara