Please registor for the Global Chain Meditation which will take place on January 1st, 2021. This meditation, along with your commitment to ecological practices will support our unified effort to Preserve our Forests and Animal Species. This is not only an opportunity to meditate and further your spiritual growth, but also an opportunity to help protect our Mother Earth. 

Click on the photo and watch this wonderful video that was created for our Global Chain Meditation event.


  • Check out our informative flyer with suggested habits that we can adopt to help preserve forests and animal species.
  • Sign-up to participate in the meditation.
  • View the commitments and suggestions that others have made to environmentally responsible practices.
  • View how the global chain mediation is unfolding / scheduled.

 Together, let's make our positive energy flow and permeate God's entire creation.

We thank all of you who will be participating in this most important Global Chain Meditation to protect our earth's forests and animal species.

May God and Gurus bless this planet and bless us all.