Glossary of Terms

a pranic channel on the left side of the sushumna where vital air passes. The ida corresponds to the tamasic quality of nature.
a king of the solar dynasty. Solar means from the sun, but the soul is the real sun.
a small cord (nadi) in the spinal canal near the neck center that creates extreme attachment and delusion in the heart center
(“difficult to control”): the sense organs
(“ruler”) the Lord
one of the principal Upanishads
(“ruler”) one of the names of Lord Shiva
personal deity. The aspect of God selected by a spiritual seeker, or by the guru. Through meditation on the chosen deity, the seeker gradually attains concentration of mind, love for God, and ultimately illumination.
(“foremost ruler”): the ruler of the universe
lordliness; metaphorically this describes your relationship with God and the soul — to love God and accept His sovereignty in every aspect of life