Kriya Yoga Institute - Shri Gurudev's Birthday Seminar - Changed to an Online Event

Homestead, FL
May-23 to May-27, 2020

Kriya Yoga Institute - Miami

Gurudev's Birthday Seminar

Because most of the world is still on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided that this year we will be hosting Gurudev's annual Birthday Seminar online via Zoom sessions so all can still take advantage of the discourses, general meditations, birthday puja, and celebration activities. As we celebrate this year, the 100th Anniversary of Yoganandaji Coming the West, the theme of the seminar will be Cultivating Divine Love and most of the talks given by the Acharyas will address teachings from the books written by Paramahamsa Yogananda.

Each day; Saturday, May 23 to Tuesday, May 26 you will be able to partake in a general meditation (approx. 20 min.) and a discourse to be presented by an Acharya (approx. 1 hr.).

On Gurudev's birthday, May 27, there will again be a general meditation and discourse, but also the birthday puja and a celebration; with musical performances by residents of the Mother Center and short talks to be given by Acharyas, will also be online.

Below, you will find the schedule of online events for the Gurudev's Birthday Seminar.

Gurudev Birthday Seminar 2020

Class and Meditation Schedule - Saturday to Tuesday, May 23 - 26

Morning Meditation in your Home
11:00am EDT General Online Guided Meditation - 20 min. followed by your Kriya meditation at Home
3:00pm EDT Online Discourse / Satsang - 1 hr.
7:00pm local time Meditation in your Home

Gurudev's Birthday - Wednesday May 27

Morning Meditation in your Home
8:30am EDT Birthday Puja - Online - 2-1/2 hours
11:00am EDT  General Online Guided Meditation - 20 min. followed by your Kriya meditation at Home
3:00pm EDT Online Discourse / Satsang - 1 hr.
4:30pm EDT Birthday Celebration - Songs and Short Talks by Acharyas - Online
7:00pm local time Meditation in your Home

To receive instructions for connecting to these Zoom sessions, please register by clicking this link. You will be taken to a short survey which will ask you which sessions you have interest in joining.

These sessions are open to all. You are welcome to invite your family and friends who have not been initiated. While there is no charge to participate in this online seminar, any donation is greatly appreciated; it is especially needed at this time when all programs have been cancelled for the months of April and May and possibly longer. You can make an online donation by clicking this link:  Make a Donation

Acharyas: Yogacharya Suresh Kodolikar, Yogacharya Amit Chatterjee, Yogacharya Durga Chunduri, Yogacharya Srinidhi Baba, Yogacharya David Strassner, Yogacharya Bhadrayu Pandya, Yogacharya John Williams, Swami Atmavidyananda Giri, Yogacharya Niva Kodolikar

Contact Details

Name Phone Email
Kriya Yoga Institute 305-247-1960

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