When life is stressful and distressing, the opportunity for relaxation and real joy is diminished. We are busy, running without purpose, ultimately we become tired, bored, and unhappy. Our hearts, lungs, and other internal organs are overburdened with the pressure of work and anxiety. How can we enjoy a life of peace, relaxation, and harmony?

Meditation is the answer. Meditation is the art of living through the science of breath control. If you know how to relax your body and mind quickly, at will, you can live a peaceful and harmonious life.

An average person breathes approximately 21,600 times a day doing normal activities. But if you practice meditation, the breath rate is naturally slowed and more rhythmic. This change rejuvenates the brain and mind, and frees us from fatigue, disease, stress, and tension.

Because of incorrect lifestyle and motives, we abuse the instruments of our body and mind, so we suffer in daily life. Meditation reveals a proper understanding of our purpose for living in this world. Often, human beings fill their brains with the garbage of dirty ideas and emotions. To keep the brain free from negative and harmful thoughts, and to develop a concentrated, focused mind, meditation is the key.

Many misunderstand meditation. Meditation is not imagination, speculation, hallucination, or visualization; it is a scientific method of breath control and concentration that creates complete tranquillity and peace. It is an inner awakening.

Many ways and means lead to meditation. Kriya Yoga is an easy path of meditation, without hardship, and granting quick spiritual evolution. As an age-old science of breathing and meditation that develops inner peace, bliss, and joy, Kriya Yoga is practiced by people all over the world. By following the proper steps of Kriya practice under the direct supervision of an advanced teacher, you can transform your life with better health, calmness of mind, inner peace, psychological agility, and energetic activity.

Free from all dogmatic belief, Kriya Yoga teaches the science of meditation as a process of experiencing inner transformation and self-emancipation. A short period of Kriya meditation can have long-term effects, eventually producing uninterrupted experience of peace and divine bliss.

Kriya Yoga, the root of all yogas, teaches what is in fact the essence of all religions. Practice results in immediate spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical benefits. Moreover, it is assured that the seeker will perceive the three divine qualities — divine light, divine sound, and the divine vibration. By the compassion and grace of the God-realized (jivanmukta) master Paramahamsa Hariharananda and his advanced teachers, Kriya Yoga provides a rare opportunity for any spiritual seeker interested in spiritual advancement. Paramahamsa Hariharananda occupies a high rank among the Indian yogis of the twentieth century. He attained the supreme yogic state of nirvikalpa samadhi, the pulseless and breathless state.