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Our monthly phone discourse is this Sunday, April 10th, following 1st Kriya from 11:00-11:20.  

Weekly SUNDAY Guided Group Meditation Schedule:  (email for address)

1st Kriya Meditation  10:00-11:00 am each Sunday morning (for all initiates).  *Group meditations are open to disciples who have been initiated into Kriya Yoga under the lineage of Paramahamsa Hariharananda and Paramahamsa Prajnanananda.

2nd Kriya Meditation  8:40-10:00 am (open to those who have received 2nd Kriya initiation)  (Note for 2nd Kriya initiates:  On the last Sunday of each month we will have an extended 95 minute 2nd Kriya meditation that will begin at 8:20 am).

Monthly Telephone Discourses:  Monthly discourses are directly after 1st Kriya group meditation lasting 20-30 minutes starting at 11:00 am.  The next discourse will be on April 10th with Yogacharya Durga Chunduri as the speaker.  The full 2016 monthly discourse schedule is listed at the bottom of this page.

Contact:, or Denise Hunt 410-451-5506, John Herczeg 301-216-0017.

Additional 2016 Events: 

*The 2016 East Coast Retreat will be in Maryland the weekend of August 26-28th. Registration and details will be available soon and can be accessed at the bottom of this page and on the calendar page.  

*The second weekend Initiation Program in 2016 will be Nov. 11-13th.  The flyer is available at the bottom of this page and on the calendar page.   

Kriya Yoga Resources:

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Monthly Discourse Schedule 2016

Apr. 10   Yogacharya Durga Chunduri

May 20   Swami Atmavidyananda

June 19  Yogacharya Suresh Kodolikar

July 17   Yogacharya Bhadrayu Pandya

Aug. 7    Yogacharya John Williams

Sept. 18  Swami Atmavidyananda

Oct. 9     Yogacharya Srinidhi Baba

Nov. 20   Swami Atmavidyananda

Dec. 18   Yogacharya John Thomas




Upcoming Events
Aug-26 to Aug-28, 2016: Baltimore/Washington DC - East Coast Retreat ( Retreat)
Nov-11 to Nov-13, 2016: Baltimore/Washington DC ( Initiation Program)

Contact: Denise Hunt    410-451-5506