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Easter Sunday.  We will be having regular scheduled meditation this Sunday, April 5th, and look forward to seeing you there. Suresh Baba and Niva Ma will be attending our Easter Sunday group meditation.   (posted 3/31/15)

It was a beautiful weekend program (March 13-15).  Thank you to all who participated in the weekend program and to Kriyanandaji who came from the Chicago ashram and provided inspiring talks and guided meditations.  It was a delight to enjoy the company and guidance of Suresh Baba and to have Niva Ma here for the entire weekend as well.  Beautiful guided meditations, wonderful food and great company made for a lovely program.  Thanks again to everyone!  (posted 3/15/15)

New Book Release.  Below is the link for the new 2015 book that was released during the IIKYS in India, The Road Less Traveled: My Journey to Monkhood.  The books are also available at Miami and Chicago ashrams. The volume offers readers a wonderful glimpse into ones spiritual journey with the guidance of an enlightened teacher. The author has pledged all proceeds from the book will be donated to Hariharananda Balashram, a Residential School for Poor and Orphaned Children. 


Weekly SUNDAY Guided Group Meditation Schedule:   (email for address) 

2nd Kriya Meditation 8:40-10:00 am (2nd Kriya initiates)

*1st  Kriya Meditation 10:00-11:00 am (for all initiates)


Contact:, Denise Hunt 410-451-5506, John W Herczeg 301-216-0017. 


Upcoming Events
Oct-02 to Oct-04, 2015: Baltimore/Washington DC ( Initiation Program)