Welcome To Kriya Yoga International

Spiritual Growth is the central goal of the Kriya Yoga International Organizations (KYIO).

The depth and breadth of our organizations make it difficult to fathom that it began with one very special and beautiful human being, Paramahamsa Hariharananda, who accepted as his duty in life the spiritual upliftment of the world. This site presents only a glimpse of his profound love and endless acts of charity.

We hope it will be a beacon to all who enter.

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January th

Follow the 125th Anniversary of Yoganandaji's Birth on Facebook

For daily commentary and images of the worldwide celebration of the 125th anniversary of Yoganandaji's birth, visit the official Kriya Yoga International Facebook page.


June th

International Yoga Day Message from Guruji

I send my best wishes and love to all of you on the occasion of the International Yoga Day, celebrated on June 21. I also wish you healthy, happy, and peaceful lives. 


February th

Mother Center Blog Site Unveiled

On this auspicious month of Diwali, when we honor Divine Mother who dispels the darkness of ignorance with her Light, we are humbly offering this new Blog to highlight the loving activities and beauty

  • Kriya Yoga is a practice that helps people of all religions to discipline themselves and to progress more deeply on their own spiritual path.